Social commitment and responsibility

Together we can do more!


Under this motto we support people in associations who take on extremely important tasks in our society.


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In 2021 we financially supported the following associations and projects:

In 2020 we financially supported the following associations and projects:


On 20th February, 2020 we delivered 708 copies of the book „Sag was!“ to the post office of the German „Bundestag“. Together with a personal letter the books were adressed to each of the current „Bundestag“ members. The news „Spiegel“ reported about it on 2nd September, 2020 72c8-4a97-8d20-b9511703e525
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As a main participant in the plastic industry, we are aware of our responsibility. Conserving resources is an important part of our business. We have warehouses all over Germany, which guarantees short delivery routes. This not only saves time and money but also fuel. Together with our customers we look for efficient solutions to consume as little an amount of plastics as possible. We no longer supply plastics to companies whose products (e.g. plastic powder in the cosmetics industry) are released unfiltered into the environment/oceans. As distributor of repsol we are partner to a company who follows the target of producing emission-neutral by 2050.) We support the urgently needed awareness/educational work for resource-saving and environmentally-friendly handling of plastics. To entirely do without plastics is utopian, to protect the environment is a must.

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In 2019 we financially supported the following associations and projects:

Together we can do more!